General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Expert general dentistry that includes a range of dental procedures.

Mint St Dental offers a comprehensive range of general dentistry treatments to treat a wide range of requirements. If you’re dealing with emerging wisdom teeth, require paediatric dentistry for your children, have never been to the dentist, need an extraction of root canal, we offer it all.

You and your family members are likely to deal with oral health challenges at one time or another. It’s essential that you have trustworthy dentist that you can trust to expertly assess and treat any oral problem.

Using state-of-the-art technology, combined with comprehensive experience in all aspects of specialist and general dental procedures, the Mint St Dentists will ensure your teeth and gums are expertly treated. Your visit includes checking over your entire mouth which is then charted. Using x-rays we check for any oral cancer, root or gum problems, and then discuss our findings with you.

Our general dentist has experience in all aspects of dentistry, including dealing with patients who have dental phobias and are overly anxious. Don’t let your fear prevent you from maintaining your oral health. Rest easy with our dentists who are known for their experience and professional bedside manner. You can sit back while we ensure you dentistry experience is nothing short of relaxing and effective.

Book an appointment for any of our general dentistry treatments, which include:


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment at Mint St Dental is an easy procedure that is done with a local anaesthetic. We do everything to ensure you are comfortable with our endodontic treatment procedure by ensuring your experience is a good one. We clean out the infected gum, disinfect the area with the infection and seal it, ensuring no additional complications occur.


Teeth Grinding & Burxism

If you find yourself grinding your teeth at night, you may require a bruxism treatment to reduce the negative effects on your teeth. There are various reasons for teeth grinding; we help reduce the affects with a customised splint, and then discuss the possible causes, which could be anything from stress to too much sugar.


White Fillings

Dentistry has moved on from metallic fillings, which was proven to weaken the teeth and look less appealing, to new white dental fillings which are stronger, safer and appear more natural. We offer two types of white fillings, these include porcelain for the molars and composite direct mixture for decayed teeth. Both fillings are mercury free, making them the healthier option.


Inlays & Ceramic Fillings

Made from a tough material, ceramic fillings are natural-looking dental inlays that are the same natural colour as the teeth; considered the more aesthetic option. Easy to clean and reinforce the tooth, ensuring longevity. Our team will assess your teeth and provide you with the best dental inlay options.


Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are used to cover broken teeth. Strong, and aesthetically appealing, crowns are the preferred choice for covering unsightly teeth and replacing missing teeth. Made from advanced materials, designed for longevity, these are ideal for restoring a broken smile.


Porcelain Veneers

Natural-looking veneers that are bonded to the front of a broken or cracked teeth, to create that perfect smile. A popular choice with clients who want more confidence to smile, or fix those teeth that look out of place. We look at your facial measurements, jawline and work with diagnostic models to ensure precision results that you’ll be happy with.


Inject confidence back into your smile, and health back into your gums with Mint St Dental general dentistry services. Contact us today, we’re here to make you comfortable and to take care of your oral health.