Emergency Dentists

Woman in Perth Dental Clinic with Toot pain from teeth grinding

We don’t often run into ‘emergency’ dental incidents. When you think about a visit to a dentist, it’s usually something planned – a regular check-up, followed by a filling or extraction.


Weekend or after hours dentist – don’t hesitate to call

Dental accidents occur every day and murphy’s law, it usually happens at the worst times. We take tooth pain lightly by attempting to heal the pain using an ‘old wives method’ such as rinsing with bicarbonate soda or applying a clove directly to the pain.

The reality is, tooth pain can be the result of a serious infection or inflammation that needs to be treated instantly. Broken or dislocated teeth caused by serious knocks or hits need immediate attention. Small wounds in the gum may often require stitches so it’s handy to know you have a dentist in the area who can assist at any time.

At Mint Street Dental, our patients’ health is vital to us, so we try our utmost best to keep you satisfied at all times. We offer an emergency dental service that will cater to any issue that needs prompt attention. The service operates after hours as well as weekends for your peace of mind.

To find out more about the Perth emergency dentist, give us a call on (08) 9361 8799.